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Paddle and sail to your adventure and explore the Philippine islands with us!


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QUALITY STAND UP PADDLEBOARDS (SUPs), KAYAKS, and Outrigger Canoes designed and tested by people who live and breathe paddling as a lifestyle.

About Island Buzz Philippines

Our mission is to create a DIFFERENT PADDLING EXPERIENCE for anyone who shares our love for the water. Inspired by our passion on bringing unique watersport adventures, our tours and trainings are designed to bring more travelers and adventurers outdoor, paddling in lakes, rivers and seas.

Happy customers.

Why I love Island Buzz SUP Tours? After my first SUP experience more than a year ago, I fell in love with it! It is a prefect combination of fitness, sea exploration, nature appreciation, and having fun! Plus, when I tried doing yoga on the SUP board, whoa! I’m hooked!

Bernaddete Pacana

Yoga Instructor

Buzzy’s SUP clinic is top quality. From learning basic paddling, balancing and ocean watching, you can not go wrong with his teachings. His methods and philosophy are very well-integrated that you can approach with your special requests and needs. Highly recommended. I know I have with 5 groups under his belt coming from me. Thank you, Buzzy for giving me a deeper appreciation of the ocean. P.S. He has kayaked the Philippines in 88 days. LEGEND!

Carlo Delantar

Social and Serial Entrepreneur

SUP has given me the one thing none of the other adventure sports I’ve tried has been able to give.


When I am on the board with nothing but the sea under me and the sky above me, and you have those moments where all you hear is the sound of your paddle cutting through the water, nothing can compare. I am forever grateful to have stumbled upon Island Buzz and introducing me to SUP. Buzz at the helm is a great leader and motivator and I love how he just lets us explore the sea anyway we want. The people I've met so far that I’ve paddled with are friendly, nice, chill and funny, but I guess the sea can do that to people.

It sucks out all that negative vibe you might have gotten when you were on land and are left with nothing but a happy, relaxed version of yourself 🙂 and happy people are a lot more fun to paddle with. Kudos to Island Buzz and keep up the good work! I am now convert of SUP hahaha

Melissa Cipres

Awesome staff…awesome boards…thank you so much for accommodating snapzians, we enjoyed a lot.

Alieth Bontuyan

Experienced this twice in 1 month and we can’t seem to get enough of it! When you’re ho0ked you’re ho0ked!

Karen Cortez

I just had to keep going back! Buzzy and crew are amazing – thank you for a fantastic weekend! Sea yah soon!

Michelle Crisostomo

We accept customized Team Building Programs.

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