About Island Buzz Philippines


Island Buzz Philippines is a tours and adventures company, based in Mactan. We pride ourselves for our ability to provide unique and authentic experience of the Cebu islands and the surrounding seas. Our company offers activities, guaranteed to leave you water-stoked. From private island tours, to watersport lessons, to team building water activities– -we give you the best alternatives in exploring and enjoying the Cebu waters.

Paddle with us and discover Cebu through the eyes of locals who love the sea as much as they love life.


To create a DIFFERENT PADDLING EXPERIENCE for anyone who shares our love for the water. Inspired by our passion on bringing unique watersport adventures, our tours and trainings are designed to bring more travelers and adventurers outdoor, paddling in lakes, rivers and seas.

To Provide QUALITY STAND UP PADDLEBOARDS (SUPs) and KAYAKS, desinged and tested by people who live and breathe paddling as a lifestyle.

To make CEBU as the PADDLING CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES and in SOUTHEAST ASIA and open the doors for other paddling organizations, companies, and enthusiasts to further promote the sport.



Philippines is a country composed of 7107 islands and is surrounded by bodies of water and beautiful beaches— there’s so much to explore through paddling! By promoting paddling as a sport, we envision in making Filipinos comfortable and not afraid of water.

We want to develop a Paddle Sports Program (“Baruto local outrigger canoe, kayak, SUP) that will be part of the Physical Education curriculum in schools near the seas, rivers and lakes with the support from private and public institutions. Soon, more events, races, and expeditions not just in Cebu but in other parts of the Philippines can be promoted.

By doing this, we believe that paddling will not only help in bringing fitness, but will also be teaching survival and even flourish tourism in our country.


Profile: Buzzy Budlong Buzzy Budlong is the man behind Island Buzz Philippines. He is the 1st Filipino to sea kayak the whole 3025 kilometer length of the Philippines from south (Sarangani) to north (Ilocos) in 88days. Buzzy recounts, “I grew up in a town near the coastline and developed my love in paddling “baruto”, a local outrigger canoe when I was only 7 years old. It was my father and my grandfather who influenced me, along with their fishermen folks. I remember spending my days hanging out with the local fishing villagers and listening to their stories about sea adventures”. Baruto became Buzzy’s baseline craft. In 1997, Kayaking was first introduced to him by the founder of Baruto Paddlers in Cebu. Right after the first kayak experience, he realized that he has found his passion in paddle sports. “I remember sleeping and waking up, trying to visualize when my next paddling day will be and then plotting which routes to take in exploring the Philippines’ waterways”, says Buzzy. Now, a new watersport called Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is making waves in Cebu and was pioneered by Buzzy. He has conducted annual SUP races since 2014, and continuously discovering beautiful spots to paddle and include in his paddle tours. He also recently concluded “Formula5 Cebu Paddle Expedition” which happened last January 19 to 23, 26982_379047288396_1719371_n1wherein he paddled the unexplored waterways of Cebu along Tanon Strait from northern (Daanbantayan) to southern (Santander) part of the region in 5 days using 5 different non-motorized watercrafts per day. His team also conducted free paddle clinics to the locals of Daanbantayan, Asturias, Balamban, Barili and Badian, in coordination with the respective Local Government Units. The aim is to drive awareness on how rich our water resources are, highlight our advocacy of making Cebu as the “Paddling Capital of the Philippines” and for the locals to appreciate our paddling culture and local watercraft, specifically the Bigiw. That is why last May 19, 2016 he organized to celebrate Ocean Month by doing the 1 st Bigiw-Bugsay Regatta. Around 40 fishermen joined the event and showcased their sailing techniques in probably one of the biggest Bigiw floatilla in Cebu. The sea provided Buzzy with so many valuable lessons in life and is continuously teaching him a lot of new things. He is happy to be living his dream and he wants to share his almost 20 years of paddling experience to people who have the same love for paddle sports. That’s why Island Buzz was created. For Buzzy, Island Buzz is more than just a company or a brand, it’s a lifestyle. 1896766_946407242049623_2910069313210525474_n1