SUP and Kayak for Beginners

Get Stoked. SUP Clinic SUP in a fun and safe way.
Learn the correct strokes and equipment handling.
Practice and have a smooth paddle experience in nearby coasts.



Kiddie SUP and Kayak Clinic for Children (12 years old below)

SUP and Kayak lessons, balanced with fun games and exercises specially designed for kids.
Practice close to the shore in nice sea condition.
Have fun in the water while learning basic paddling techniques.

Instructor / Kid Ratio is 1:4 Maximum 1 hour fun learning activity.

SUP or Sea Kayak Level Up Lessons for Advanced Students

SUP or Sea Kayak Level Up Lessons for Advanced Students

Level 1

Introductory to SUP or Sea Kayak.
Learn the strokes, portaging, equipment care, materials.

Level 2

Understand winds and waves, tides and currents, sea beds and coastline. Self and Assisted Rescues.

Level 3

Advanced SUP and Kayak surfing techniques. (seasonal) Racing strokes and Downwind paddling.
Flat Water River and Class 1 River kayaking.
LNT – LeaveNoTrace

Level 4

Expedition Planning Understanding Nautical and Topographic Maps and Navigation, GPS plotting.
Island beach, lakes and river side camping .
LNT – LeaveNoTrace


Learn to Paddle & Sail the Trad Way!

Basic Bigiw Paddling and Sailing Lessons